Hello, friends. I'm so glad you're here!

While Ralph-a-Roos are really AWESOME, sometimes people have questions. If you have a question that isn't covered here, please contact us! We'll be happy to give a little help to our friends!

In love and yuckiness,

Jenny Joy


About Ralph-a-Roos

Q: What are Ralph-a-Roos made of?

A: Ralph-a-Roos are made of 100% prewashed, preshrunk, super absorbent cotton on the front. The back is made of 100% polyester minky fabric. CRAZY soft! The interior? It's made of PUL fabric, which is basically polyester fabric coated in a super thin later of polyurethane to make it waterproof. Trim is always made of polyester grosgrain ribbon. 

Q: Can I wash and dry my Ralph-a-Roo? 

A: You sure can! And you should! It's recommended that you wash it in cold or warm water, and tumble dry on low. Please skip the bleach and fabric softener in order to extend the life and absorbency of your Ralph-a-Roo! And definitely, never EVER use an iron. Dude. Irons melt stuff!

Q: Are Ralph-a-Roos really waterproof? Or is that just a gimmick?

A: Believe it or not, they ARE waterproof! The interior is made of PUL fabric, which is polyester with a super thin polyurethane layer that makes it waterproof. But just like anything, Ralph-a-Roos have their limits. It's not designed to hold a quart of water... but it's absolutely designed to hold yack or withstand being moistened with a little bit of water to clean off a dirty face. If you ever find that your Ralph-a-Roo is starting to leak, try throwing that bad boy into the dryer on high heat for about 20 minutes. It actually works to seal up any tiny little holes from stitching. If you're still having leaking problems, PLEASE CONTACT US! We want to make sure all our friends are happy with their Ralph-a-Roos!

Q: Where and how are Ralph-a-Roos made?

A: All Ralph-a-Roos are lovingly handmade by me in my Topeka, Kansas crafting studio. 


Q: How long will it take to get my order?

A: Because all Ralph-a-Roos are handmade, we ask for 5 business days to get your order in the mail. Priority shipping orders will be sent within 2 business days. However, every effort will be made to ship your order sooner.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: At this point, we ship all through the US and Canada. But you never know! We might be able to offer world wide shipping soon!

Q: How much is US shipping?

A: Standard shipping is always $3.50 throughout the US, no matter how much you order! AWESOME deal, no?! Priority shipping is always $7.00. Another great deal!

Q: How much is shipping to Canada?

A: Shipping to Canada is always $10.00, even if you order a dozen Ralph-a-Roos!


Q: Do you take returns or exchanges?

A: Yes. All returns/exchanges must be in their original packaging and in good, unused condition to receive a refund, minus shipping costs. Refunds will be issued as soon as possible, only after we have received the original merchandise.