Who's behind this Ralph-a-Roo thing anyway?

Hello, friend. My name is Jenny Joy, and I'm the inventor of the Ralph-a-Roo. 

When my kiddos were small, they were serious yak masters. There was always a ridiculous amount of spitting up going on at my house. It was so bad, I was easily burning through a dozen or more burp cloths a day. In complete desperation, I started making my own barf catchers. When we went out and about, though, it was still a nightmare. What do you do with a gross burp cloth if you forget a zippered bag or a wet sack?!

Fast foward a few years later. I designed the Ralph-a-Roo burp cloth with all my mommy and daddy friends in mind. They were still struggling with the same issue I had: what to do with that disgusting burp cloth! And one night, I had a dream. (Yes, a literal dream.) The next day, Ralph-a-Roos were born. The rest, as they say, is history!

With a Ralph-a-Roo, you don't have to worry about a messy burp cloth leaking all over your diaper bag. Yuck contained! Waterproof! Done and done!

It's also great for multi-use. With a tiny dab of water, you can wipe adorable, messy faces. Use it as a wet sack to quarantine soiled clothes. Or use it as a dry sack to keep clean diapers or clothes pristine in not-so-pristine situations. You can always come up with your own uses, too!